SkyblockV2 has been released.

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SkyblockV2 has been released bugfixes/added/news.

  • Added Pets!
  • Added Replay System
  • Added back the Rewards.
  • Added a Safe Stop/Restart, which will save everything and stop the server safely.
  • Added Spider, End and Undead Swords to the Weaponsmith NPC.
  • Added Piggy Bank to the Merchant NPC.
  • Added two pets to the Merchant NPC.
  • Added option to disable mobs targeting guests on Player Islands
  • Removed delay in the item clicking in the Skyblock Menu.
  • Fixed Magma Armor not giving strength.
  • Fixed Lumberjack and Miner tools not showing enchants after combining.
  • Fixed pets not gaining experience.
  • Fixed Skills console spam.
  • Fixed Aiming enchantment not working properly.
  • Fixed enchantments not displaying properly on some items.
  • Fixed Hardened Diamond Armor not displaying enchantments.
  • Fixed player islands...

Old Domain is back!

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Yesterday Announcements on Discord.

Finally old players .tk domain created by 2017, youtube search "" And google search ""

Thanks for playing old players!

IP: ( recommend )
IP2: ( )

Join our discord server

SkyBlockV2 2/3

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Try test server /server SkyblockV2, Compass not release SkyblockV2 server.

Server release 2/3


Added Fairy Souls.
Added Ender Slayer, Dragon Hunter, Cubism, Critical and Growth enchantments.
Added Runaan's Bow.
Added Tarantula Set back.
Added Crit damage indicators that show you when a player made a critical hit.
Added time into the scoreboard and emojis for it, day displays sun emoji and night moon emoji.
Added below name player health.
Completely reworked the enchanting, fixing all bugs.
Books no longer can be applied directly to items.
Void now instakills players that fall into it.
If a item has 5+ enchants they compact like in Hypixel.
Damage indicators no longer display when you hit villagers/players.
Enchanting max level is now 45-55 instead of predefined 45.
Fixed Grappling Hook displayed as untextured block in 1.8.
Fixed not breakable wheat at 71 86 95.
Fixed Savanna Bow durability.
Fixed some nether wart could not be broken.
Fixed water/lava pickup in the...

SkyblockV2 1/3

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Try test server `/server SkyblockV2`, Compass not release SkyblockV2 server.

Server release 1/3

Report Bug #report-bugs


Skyblock Released

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Skyblock has been Released IP | Connect Skyblock
The server is Test Server Closed, now connect!

feel free to report bug in #report-bugs on discord
What news next update? `,suggest <your suggest>` in #commands on discord


Added Tokens Vote,Rare And Ultra Crates.
Added Top Players your Islands Added `/withdraw` & `/xpbottle`
Fixed not give spawners Zombie on Shop.

Transferred Server is up Auth Fully transferred data players on MySQL.


Skyblock Test Server 2/3

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Hey, Try Test Server Skyblock , bug fixes/added


Changed the plugin /ah
Added `/help member`
Added /is coop the players team give access your Island
Now /baltop Top Players Balance.

What next time update? Use ",suggest <your suggest>" in #commands on Discord
feel free to report bugs in #report-bugs on Discord

when release server 2/3. (data players upload soon new hosting.)
Test Server IP: | Skyblock server


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Hey Old backup 2018 Skyblock, Try Test Server Skyblock, bug fixes/added


Fixed Upgrade Generator 50k says 500k
Fixed Homes #3 Already unlock
Added Minios Slayer,Miner,Seller,Fisher,Collector and Lumberjack on /shop other
Added Items/Mobs/Blocks/Spawners On Stack
Fixed Upgrade Generator 500000 to 50000 take money.
Added /is top | Top Players Island
Added Sell Wand /shop other

What next time update? Use ,suggest <your suggest> in #commands on Discord.
feel free to report bugs in #report-bugs on Discord.

when release server 1/3.
Test Server IP: | Skyblock server


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`-` **Fixed** Permissions I Forget. `/plot remove <player>`
`-` **Updated** `/help members 2 `
`-` **Added** Ranks TeamDanel And TeamDark, if you can buy ranks 1$ per months
`-` **Fixed** Mines X-General, stupid FDFGaming region world
`-` **Fixed** Sellall `/sellall A` Tested, restart server later. Done
`-` **Removed** Inventory Page Reason: Dupe.
`-` **Updated** ScoreBoard
`-` **Added** Anti-Drop Pickaxe Death Protection
`-` **Fixed** Donator Mine Lag

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