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  • Masterisk
    Masterisk posted the thread Imagine in Off-Topic.
    Imagine getting a very valuable object taken away by a server lag, then appealing to someone who can actually help you. But instead of...
  • Masterisk
    I was reforging my newly received zombie chestplate when the server lagged and i instantly got the anvil out just for the memes...
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  • MrLong
    MrLong replied to the thread hi.
    Hello Staff Team, I had joined this server a few days ago, I have played skyblock, and prison, I had logged in to the website, and saw a...
  • MrLong
    MrLong posted the thread Anti Cheat in Suggestion.
    Dear Owner, Please do not take this in a wrong way, since this server does not has any anti-cheat, Hackers can take advantage of this...
  • MrLong
    MrLong posted the thread Minion Skyblock in Off-Topic.
    Dear Members, Since Rodion network does not have a minion plugin, should i buy the plugin, or make a new plugin, Kindly Vote Below, MrLong
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    Prolexic posted the thread Skyblock in Suggestion.
    -Telekenisis also collectecs dropped coins from mobs killed -After Lucky Coin Talisman is upgraded to Lucky Coin Ring but it cant be...